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RS Productions, founded in Milan in 2019 by an entrepreneurial group with a broad experience in the media and publishing sectors, is an independent movie production and distribution company. The company, along with Portobello SpA, owns Web Magazine Makers, a publishing house that holds the license for the iconic magazine Rolling Stone in Italy, and holds stakes in Pepito Produzioni and Maestro Distribution.

RS Productions has realized several successful productions, including Enigma Rol (Nastro d’Argento 2024), presented at the 18th edition of the Rome Film Festival; Franco Battiato – La Voce del Padrone (Nastro d’Argento 2023), one of the most viewed Italian docufilms in 2022; I Fratelli De Filippo (a David di Donatello, a Nastro d’Argento, two Globo d’Oro, and two Ciak d’oro in 2022); Franco Zeffirelli, Conformista Ribelle, presented at the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival; and Aiuto! È Natale!, featuring Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss in the cast. Additionally, the Company has distributed several international productions in Italy, such as The Book of Vision, Fabian – Going to the Dogs, In The Fire, and Muti, featuring the award-winning Morgan Freeman.

Attentive to the constantly evolving market, emerging trends, and new entertainment technologies, the Company launched IMMEDIATE in 2020, the first vertical business accelerator in the media and entertainment industry in Europe; a creative and technological hub that supports the development of startups and innovative projects.




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Eva, a doctor and student of the history of medicine, discovers a manuscript by Johan Anmuth, an 18th century physicist. In his Book of Vision, Anmuth focuses on the feelings, fears and dreams of over 1800 of his patients, whose spirits still wander through the pages.

Immersing herself in these tales and visions, Eva questions the separation of the past, present and future, while confronting the challenges of modern medicine and its limitations with respect to her own body.

Nominated to David di Donatello awards 2021

Best visual effect

Nominated to Nastri d’Argento awards 2021

Best costumes

Best film editing

Best emerging director

Nominated to Ciak d’Oro awards 2021

Best emerging director

Best movie poster

The book of vision
The book of vision
The book of vision

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Immediate - Accelerator program for media and entertainment startups

RS Productions – in collaboration with Rolling Stone Italia and Opinno Italy – is the promoter of the IMMEDIATE project, the first vertical business accelerator in the Media and Entertainment industries in Europe.

IMMEDIATE is a creative and technological hub, which provides the participating startups with media production services and communication tools but also coaching, legal, financial and marketing support to facilitate the development and diffusion of projects related to video production, digital marketing, advertising, music, publishing, gamification and new technologies.