Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Moda in Italy

Moda in Italy

by Bianca Luna Santoro

WebTV format divided in episodes aimed at exploring the world of “made in Italy” fashion.

Giving back generation

Giving Back Generation

by Chiara Tilesi

2nd and 3rd season

The format includes a series of interviews in which the well-known guests reveal themselves and candidly discuss important issues such as friendship, positivity, kindness, respect and self-acceptance, with a single goal: ” Give back ”, make a difference and positively influence the listener.

Save Christmas

Save Christmas

by Kristoph Tassin

The Christmas movie stars a family: father, mother, two children, grandfather and… Santa Claus. The grumpy father hates Christmas, because he remembers the past with his absent father, and finds himself managing two children who, with the help of their grandfather, try to free Santa Claus, trapped by an “animated” monster, through the solution of eight digital riddles.


Directed by: Kristoph Tassin

Written by: Andrea Iervolino

Screenplay by: Kristoph Tassin & Andrea Iervolino

DOP: Claudio Zamarion

Set design: Nello Giorgetti

Costumes: Luciano Capozzi

Music by: Vittorio Giannelli

Edited by: Marco Guelfi

Post production: A&V

Running time: 90′ circa

Language: Inglese

Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Valeria Bilello, Judd Nelson, Nathan Cooper, Lorenzo Zaini, Charlotte Gentile





by Alex Infascelli